Future Sister City Selection

1. The procedure for selecting a future sister city shall begin with the making of an introduction to the sister city committee, of a candidate for sister city designation.  Any member of the Association will make the introduction of a possible sister city.

2. Any suggestions for a future sister city must be submitted to the “Future Sister City Committee” (the committee), the members of which shall be appointed by the Board of Directors, for evaluation. Decision of the committee shall be made by a majority of the members.

3. A recommendation by the committee shall be based on all research presented to the committee by a member or others.

4. Contact with Consul General shall be made prior to submitting packet to committee. The committee shall determine when, how, and by whom contact is to be made with an applicable Consul.

5. An invitation shall be extended to City Council Member(s) to provide input to committee.

6. A suggestion of a possible Sister City for consideration should be presented by the committee to a meeting of the Members of the Advisory Board of Association. Upon receipt of a recommendation by the committee and by the Advisory Board of Directors the Board shall make the final decision on the Designation of a Sister City, subject to final approval by the Laguna Beach City Council.

7. There must be at least one visitation to recommended city by Delegation. Preferably, one member of the committee or member of the Board of Directors shall accompany visitation. Mutual interest between the proposed Sister City and the city of Laguna Beach is mandatory.

8. Delegation shall insure personal travel expense.

9. Committee Chair, Delegation, Board Members, and Committee Member with personal contact with or has or has conducted research in regard to the proposed Sister City will present the recommendation for the proposed Sister City to the City Council for discussion and vote.

10. Laguna Beach Sister City is the Official Sister City Organization of Laguna Beach recognized by the Laguna Beach City Council.

Laguna Beach Sister Cities is a 501c(3) California Corporation.
All donations are a tax deductible contribution.
FEIN #80-0188779

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