Laguna Beach/Menton Relations
LBSCA has a primary goal to establish and maintain a long-term relationship between the City of Laguna Beach and our sister city, Menton, France.
This partnership will encourage a collaborative exchange of cultural, educational, and business activities.
Take a look here at a comparison between our two cities.

Laguna Beach

Located in South Orange County, California, on a stretch of the Pacific Coastline, encompasses secluded beaches, pristine ocean waters, hillsides, deep canyons, ridgeline and vast open space

The city encompasses 8.7 square miles and has a current population of close to 25,000 people.  

Laguna Beach experiences nearly 280 days a year of sun shine, with an average summer temperature of 76 degrees and a winter temperature of 62 degrees.  

Laguna Beach is filled with many venues of cultural interest such as the Laguna Playhouse and Laguna Beach Art Museum.  Throughout the year various festivals are held throughout Laguna Beach; Sawdust, ArtFair, Pageant of the Masters, and Laguna Beach Festival of Arts to name a few.  

Laguna Beach has roughly 26 hotels and resorts to come stay and enjoy the many great sites around town. To visit Laguna Click Here.

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