2017 FÊTE de la MUSIQUE Performer Line Up

Map below shows down town performer locations.

1. Swing Set Band Folkloric Dancers The Andersons

Main Beach Stones “large cobblestone area”


329 S. PCH  “Greeter’s Corner Restaurant”

3. The Hawkins (Chic McDaniel’s Band)

162 S. PCH S. Coast Cinema alcove”

4. Brian Smith, singer/guitarist

190 S. PCH  Johnny Rockets corner”

5. Echo Sparks, 3-pc. Americana band

248-276 S. PCH  pedestrian alley n. of Toes on the Nose”

6. Love Chutney (sitar & drum instrumental)

207 Ocean Ave.  Areo store”

7. Jimmy & Katja, French songs/guitar

222 Ocean Ave.  Taverna Restaurant, patio or inside”

8. Katie Jo & The Mijos, 3-pc. Americana band

237 Ocean Ave. Laguna Beach Brewery and Grille”

9. The Montones, 3-pc Hawaiian music

260 Ocean Ave.  Wells Fargo Bank”

10. Brian Flammer, pop singer/guitarist

278 Ocean Ave.  Historical Society”

11. Jim and Warren, pop singers/guitarists

Ocean @ Beach St.  Whole Foods Corner”

12. Mr. Rufus, singer/guitar player

170 Beach St.  Rasta Taco”

13. Los de Alla, 3-pc. Argentinian folk band

332 Ocean Ave.  Pepper Tree Parking Lot”

14. Gary Shapiro and female vocalist

344 Ocean Ave.  Zinc Café courtyard”

15. Chandra Reese, singer/dancer + guitar back-up

370 Ocean Ave.  Rock Etiquette (parking cave)”

16. OPEN

376 Ocean Ave.  Laguna Art Supply”

17. Trevor Green (didgeridoo/guitar/vocals)

480 Ocean Ave.  Forest & Ocean Gallery”

18. Laguna’s Greeter

PCH & Forest  at crosswalk outside Chantilly”

19. The Budrows, 3-pc band

210 ab Forest Ave.  Kush Gallery alcove”

20. Rick Weber, opera/wedding singer

225 Forest Ave.  Casual Laguna, inside clothing store”

21. Sabrina Lentini, singer/guitar player

220 Forest Ave.  “Signature Gallery (upstairs, inside)”

22. Ted and Stacy (vocals/guitar)

240-244 Forest Ave.  Fresh Produce-Bushard’s passageway”

23. Lenelle Hamil, singer/songwriter

248 Forest Ave.  Moulin (formerly Scandia)”

24. April Walsh, chanteuse

260 Forest Ave.  2bella front steps, right hand side”

25. Good Times Dixieland Band

295 Forest Ave.  corner of Glenneyre, outside Tuvalu”

26. Danielle Robbins, classical violin

326 Glenneyre  Dawson Cole Fine Arts”

27. Laguna Voice Stage (multiple vocalists)

330 Glenneyre  Mermaid St. Parking Lot”

28. Nick Yrizarry, classical guitar

305 Forest Ave.  Whitney Gallery, inside”

29. Gabriele Friedman, singer/songwriter

294 Forest Ave.  Hobie Sports side door”

30. Charles Fullwood, eclectic one-man band

294 Forest Ave.  Hobie Sports interior”

31. Barbara Hawthorne, accordionist

310 Forest Ave.  Change machine next to Envy Boutique”

32. Jason Feddy, singer/guitarist

361 Forest Ave.  Landmark Plaza patio”

33. Student Showcase (students in 15-min. sets)

415 Forest Ave.  “Presbyterian Church garden”

34. Merissa Macchiorola/Sydney Haik, 13/11 yr old singers

439 Forest Ave.  “small plaza next to Live Wire Cleaners”

35. Timo Tidwell, singer/guitar player

332 Forest Ave.  Forest Ave Mall courtyard at top of steps”

36. Joe Baldino, electric guitar player

344 Forest Ave.  Brass Tack”

37. Jewel Tones, female barbershop quartet

350 Forest Ave.  courtyard between P.O. & Lag. Colony”

38. Yael & Vlady, bluesy guitar/vocals

384 Forest Ave.  Coffee Pub/Lumberyard patio”

39. Caramelle (Leo Moneymaker band)

306 3rd St.  Water District garden”

40. OPEN

202 Park Ave.  Adonis Mediterranean Restaurant”

41. Joyce Woodson, singer/songwriter, Western songs

340 S. PCH  White House Bar/Restaurant”

42. Leah Espinoza, Laguna Voice singer

445 S. PCH  Bubbles Bath Shop, Hotel Laguna bldg.”

43. Mike DeBellis (saxophone player)

450 S. PCH  “Peppertree Lane, at foot of stairs”

44. Jaimie Langner/Autumn Geil, high school opera singers

460 S. PCH  Simple Laguna, inside clothing store”

45. Kerry Getz, singer/guitarist

509 S. PCH  Wyland Gallery, outside”

46. Savannah Gardner/Mark Sproull, singer/guitarists

540 S. PCH  GG’s Bistro Patio”

47. So. Laguna Garden Band, 6-pc Americana/Hawaiian

550 S. PCH  “Hugo Rivera Gallery alcove”

48. Derek Acevedo/Shan, electric guitars/vocals

577 S. PCH  Laguna Village, next to sidewalk”

49. Katya Grasso/Cameron Cleveland, folk vocal/guitar

611 S. PCH  “LGOCA Gallery”


49. Curtis Stedman, multi-instrumentalist/some vocals

899 S. PCH  The Bead Shop”

51. Dan & Audrey, jazz accordion & flute

1200 S. PCH  Old Pottery Place patio”

52. Ashley McCausland, 2-pc. band, original songs

1264 S. PCH  The Sound Spectrum”

53. Marlon Martinez jazz quartet

1492 S. PCH  The Art Center patio”

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